The VAPSA Project in Spain
Industrial Waste Treatment
The project is located in Valencia and began operation in 1992. Its main business is collection and temporary storage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste with a storage capacity of 800 tonnes.
Andalusia Project in Spain
Industrial Waste Treatment
Located in the port of Alghera and established in 1996, this project focuses on fuel sales as well as the collection and treatment of marine pollutants and waste, with a processing capacity of 140,000 tonnes/year.
Palos de la Frontera project in Spain
Industrial Waste Treatment
Established in 2003, this project is mainly engaged in the recycling of waste oil.
Sewage Treatment Project in Barcelona, Spain
Integral Water Management
Domestic waste recycling project in Bayonne, France
Food Waste Treatment
Treatment Capacity: 6,500 tonnes/year; Installed Capacity: 3.75MW(Anaerobic Fermentation) Technologies: Pre-treatment + Anaerobic Fermentation
Harmless food waste treatment project in Binzhou, China
Food Waste Treatment
Capacity: 100 tonnes/day Technologies: Pre-treatment + Incineration
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