Design and Operation System

The CNTY Design and Research Institute is firmly committed to its mission of “enabling accumulation and innovation” and adheres to the high standards of engineering design. It has a complete discipline setup and more than ten (Level 1) certified professionals; the Institute adapts a modern and information-based management style, and can deliver professional, efficient and three-dimensional digital design; it can cater to projects with limited designing time, strict quality requirements and heavy work load, and deliver environmentally friendly factories with simple exteriors but reasonable and pragmatic interiors, meeting clients’ demands in efficiency, quality and services.

1. Engineering design and technical consultation (basic ability)

The Institute actively participates in the whole construction process of projects, and prepares project design documents such as project proposals, feasibility reports, application reports, initial designs, construction drawings, and as-built drawings; it is also involved in the whole process of marketing, providing services such as preliminary research, technical solution development and technical consultation on on-site technical exchanges and bidding.

2. Accumulation and inheritance (iteration ability)

During the implementation of BOT projects, a cross-department coordination mechanism has been formed among the Institute and the CNTY Equipment Department, Procurement Department, Construction Department and Operation Department, forming an EPC project management model led by engineering design. The Institute is involved in the entire process of the project. It fully considers the requirements of equipment manufacturing, procurement, construction and production at the design phase, and tracks designing quality problems arising from the construction and operation practices so as to accumulate experience and carry out standardized design to eventually lower costs, shorten construction periods, and guarantee high quality.

3. Innovation optimization (advanced ability)

In accordance with the company's “strategic transformation”, and in response to the calls for “entering the entire industrial chain”, “going global” and “pursuing high-quality development”, the institute has taken a series of measures regarding “new technology development", "the BIM application” and “research”. It led the establishment of the BIM Center which enables increased designing efficiency and improved designing quality, strengthens the link between design and construction to meet construction requirements, and facilitates design data sharing to enable digital operation and maintenance of factories, which has been applied in multiple projects.