Green Area Maintenance

Achieve a balance between ecology and urban landscape

Urbaser, a subsidiary of CNTY, provides grounds maintenance services in many major cities around the world. Drawing on our expertise in urban landscape management, engineering management and botanical science, our services include general tree maintenance, park keeping, urban planning, outdoor space maintenance and seasonal floral displays for parks. Our service areas stretch all the way from Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia, Canarias to Buenos Aires. We manage 25 million square meters of grassland in Buenos Aires, with magnificent landscape.

Our Services

Our main services include:

  • Planning of green spaces

  • Maintenance of green spaces

  • Private Garden Maintenance

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • Greenland and Landscape Design

  • Park Renovation and Landscape Management

  • Tree Planting

  • Children’s Park Maintenance

  • Sports Facilities Maintenance

  • Tree Cultivation