Integral Water Management

Provide quality water management services

How to properly manage and utilize water resources is one of the major challenges faced by mankind. Boasting more than 25 years of experience in water management, CNTY is dedicated to providing sewage treatment, water purification and special water supply for customers, covering the entire process from the design and construction to the maintenance, development and operation of plants and facilities. Meanwhile, CNTY also provides technical support for water management companies, municipal governmental offices and communities.

Our Advantages

Professional Operation Team

CNTY’s Socamax is a professional water cycle management company. With 200 types of facilities and devices, Socamax provides 53 kinds of water management services, covering nearly eight million people around the globe. As of 2018, the company owns 206 sewage treatment stations, 15 sets of water supply facilities, 10 drinking water plants, 7 analysis and control laboratories, and dozens of sanitation vehicles, and is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of 2568 km of sewer lines. Currently, Socamax provides services in more than fifty capital cities and most municipalities and counties in Spain, and has established presence in countries such as China, Argentina and Portugal.


Facilities Operation and Maintenance

CNTY has accumulated extensive experience in this field and developed a fleet of self-propelled industrial cleaning vehicles managed by technical specialists, enabling us to provide services including the operation and maintenance of facilities, and the cleaning of sewage networks, sewer systems, septic-tanks and waste dumps for public institutions and private customers. Our independently developed sewage treatment stations and equipment can meet the cleaning requirements of all sectors.


Technical Support and R+D+i

CNTY has developed extensive experience in the comprehensive development of new hydraulic installations. Innovative technologies are applied to different projects in a targeted way to optimize their design. Meanwhile, rich experience has also been accumulated regarding the efficiency study on the purification process and supply networks.

Our R+D+i activities are focused on:
  • Linking water with energy: optimize the energy efficiency in water treatment.

  • Improving water quality: control the microorganisms of contaminants and their derivatives.

  • Obtaining new raw materials from sewage treatment stations: recycle magnesium ammonium phosphate, nitrogen, phosphorus, PHA, etc.