Perpetual Pursuit of Innovation

Scientific & Technological Innovation

As of April 2020, CNTY and its wholly-owned subsidiaries have been granted 477 patents in China, together with 35 patents for inventions and 86 for scientific and technological projects. Meanwhile, our innovation efforts have also been recognized by various institutions. Our honors include China's National Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award, Jiangsu Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, Jiangsu Patent Excellence Award; Premio eeST 2015 Smart Mobility and Premi Catalunya d'Ecodisseny 2015 for Product Development from the Catalonia Autonomous government agency in Spain; and ISWA Premio Bioenergía Platino a la Iniciativa al Mayor Esfuerzo en I + D and ISWA Premio Bioenergía Platino a la Mejor innovación.

CNTY’s “Unit Modular Large Domestic Waste Incinerator” was awarded the National Torch Program Industrialization Demonstration Project Certificate in 2013; the “R&D and Industrialization Project on New Environmental Protection Large Tonnage Waste Incineration Equipment”, a cooperation project with the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was listed as the special fund project for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, with a reward of 10 million RMB.

Product and service innovation
  • Global Equipment and Technology Database
  • Smart Management Platform
  • Diversified modes of cooperation on waste classification
  • IoT products for environmental protection
Innovation Team

95% of our high-tech innovation team members have master’s degrees or above with an average age of 35 years. Our senior engineers have accreditations in architecture, structure, thermos motion, environmental protection, water supply and fire safety. More than ten members have been awarded with innovative talent awards and contribution awards. We have set up one post-doctorate research station, four provincial technology centers and five innovative laboratories.

Our Advantages
Global Presence
We have R&D centers in China, Europe and North America with talent from all over the world.
Diverse Talent Pool
Our diverse talent pool can satisfy needs in consultation, design, construction, operation and other links in the industry chain; our dynamic team is committed to creating new products and business models.
R&D Capability
Our innovation center promotes the development of technologies with hundreds of patents granted every year.
Global Database
The CNTY device database contains information of tens of thousands of products in the world, providing strong data support for tailor-making various types of urban service projects.